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Kifalme is a dynamic and diversified holding company with a vision to create sustainable and impactful ventures in the Marketing, AI, Ad-Tech, Fin-tech and NGO sectors for local and global expansion

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Our Investments

Scaling African Businesses Globally

Marketing Investments

Our marketing investments drive scale & integration within the advertising industry.

The global advertising market is valued at $615 Billion

Tech Investments

Our Ad-Tech investments have scaled businesses and brands globally

The global ad-tech market is valued at $748 Billion

Fin-Tech Investments

Our Fin-tech model is an end-to-end white-label solution to accelerate growth

The global financial services market is valued at $23 Trillion

NGO Investments

Our NGO investments provide resources, mentorship and funding to NGO’s

The global annual ngo growth rate is at 5.6%

AI Investments

Using AI we’ve been able to reduce overheads and maximise profits

The global artificial intelligence (ai) market is valued at $454 Billion

About Us

Building Planes In The Air

Kifalme identifies potential acquisition targets that demonstrate growth potential and align with our strategic goals. We conduct thorough due diligence to assess the compatibility of these businesses within our group service offerings, values, and market positioning.

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Our Investments

Our Recent Work

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